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Accountant Consultants Int. LLC

       Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax Service.  Let us assist you with your personal and/or business TAXES.   We can also assist you with all of your  accounting, bookkeeping and tax needs.  So, please review our website at 

Scentsy Online

   Fragrances, natural & essential oils, scents, diffusers, strong scented wax & warmers, and more.  So, please view Talara's 

   website at and place an order today.

E-Book : Making You​r Marriage Sweet

  God's first institution "marriage" was not created to be bitter, but to bring comfort, bliss, joy and sweetness into the lives of       

  the couples that are united in a union; rather, most marriages are the other way around.  The joy is that with this book      

  there is hope for restoration of comfort, bliss, joy and sweetness.  Faith in God's word, power, wisdom and application of 

  the principles embedded in this book you are sure of transformation in your attitude towards your marriage and that of 

  your spouse that will MAKE YOUR MARRIAGE SWEET again.  Please click the below website link to get a copy of the e-